Selected Talks

Galaxy cluster outskirts in X-rays (AXIS talk) – Alabama WHIM (June 2018) talk

Unravelling the physics of the ICM with cold fronts – Snowcluster (March 2018) talk

A giant Kelvin-Helmholtz wave rolling through the Perseus cluster – X-ray Universe (June 2017) talk

Constraining gas motions and turbulence in galaxy clusters – Cambridge seminar talk (August 2016)

X-ray observations of the outskirts of galaxy clusters – Snowcluster (March 2015) talk

50 years of X-ray astronomy talk – Talk to the Cambridge University Astronomy Society, (November 2014)

Guest blog posts

Perseus’s Cosmic Dance Helps Reveal the Secrets of Galaxy Cluster Astrophysics – guest blog post for NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory, April 2018

Probing the ancient depths of the Perseus cluster – guest blog post for Nature’s Astronomy Community, February 2018